Central Park Flower Valley Sector 32, 33 Sohna Road | 2BHK Floor, 3BHK floor, Villas & Plots

Gurugram smells of luxury. One such prominent scent is of the Central Park Flower Valley. A grandeur township built with the idea of residence, luxury, and comfort combined.

Central Park Flower Valley

Central Park Flower Valley consists of seven structures, all of which hold luxurious residential spaces, filled with amenities of basic stay, security and extended comfort. In fact, this post will talk in brief about those seven structures, to help you give an idea about them.

The set of this list and the complete region of Central Park Flower Valley contains the following piece of real estate planning and executions;

1. Clover Floors

Building type- Low Rise

Space info- 3600 square ft, 4 BHK

Clover floors in Central Park Flower Valley, is the design implemented for giving a spatially luxurious experience to its residents.

Being a low rise building with each floor being individual residence, it helps you keep away from the noise of immediate neighbouring participants, giving you a better chance of living in a calm surrounding with an upper advantage to your privacy.

All the apartments are completely air conditioned, and the temperature of your home could be adjusted via your voice or a mobile application. As easy as that.

Smartness is embedded in the inner surrounding of Clover’s residences. Each apartment is fitted with sensors to control fans, lights, video door phone and surveillance camera, and the control of this system could be your own voice command, or a mobile phone app.

Find out the luxury of Clover Floors in Central Park Flower Valley. Disturb us for helping you in finding a residence here.

2. Cerise Floors

Building type- Low rise

Space info- 950 and 905 square ft, both 2.5 BHK

This quad floored building comes with cosy and green surrounding of the Central Park Flower Valley. Cerise has been given a terrace made up as a party floor for recreational purposes.

The building is also planned to have elevators for making the vertical travel inside the building easy.

In terms of convenience, Cerise Floors come with 5-star level hospitality services like laundry, 24×7 security, food and beverage, housekeeping and possibly more things as well.

The rooms come pre-fitted with air conditioners. There is also a dedicated arena for kids in each apartment called ‘Kids Area’, where children could find a little home inside of a bigger residence.

And for the ones loving fresh air, there is dedicated balcony in each apartment. When at home, feel cosiness of private space, and when it’s party time, go all out on the dance floor, right on the party terrace.

3. Aqua Front Towers

Building type- High rise

Space info- 1789 square ft, 2134 square ft(3 BHK), 2570 square ft(4 BHK)

This constituent of Central Park Flower Valley is a residential tower lying alongside an artificial water body, meant to give a rejuvenating view to inhabitants of Aqua Front Towers.

There are two sets of 3 BHK flats, where one of them has a helper room as well. Helper room is added in the 4 BHK apartment too. Sanitary washrooms(toilet) are equal to the number of bedrooms in all the apartments.

In terms of hospitality, there is availability of laundry service, 24×7 security, housekeeping, food and beverage services etc.

It could be a replenishing view when you come out of the balcony and witness the shining glimpse of that synthetic water body.

If you or any one you know is searching for such a residence with such a view, then you may refer us for some helpful aid.

4. Fleur Villas

Building type- G+2 residential villa

Space info- 4600 square ft, 3100 square ft and 6000 square ft

The word ‘villa’ doesn’t need to be used with the word ‘luxury’, as they are synonymous in nature by default. This row house design of residential villas in Central Park Flower Valley gives you space, privacy, convenience and ‘the’ posh appeal.

Each villa contains its own private terrace. Sunbaths, party, Yoga, Zumba etc are welcome to be done in your private open space.

Located in Sector 48, Fleur Villas gives the availability of house keeping services, food and beverages, round the clock security with the ease of constant mobility b/w the Central Park Flower Valley and the city of Gurgaon.

Each house being an individual residence unit provides a sense of privacy, and all houses being connected to one another provides a sense of societal connected security as well.

Want to find this cosy and connected residence? Find our help here and we could take care of the hustle ahead.

5. The Room

Building type- High rise

Space info- 919 square ft, 929 square ft, 1017 square ft, 1272 square ft( all 1 BHK), 1277 square ft(2 BHK)

The Room is an example of the fact, that luxury doesn’t need to be overtly spacious, it could be found in a limited carpet area as well.

Starting from 919 square ft to the biggest area of 1277 square feet. The residence is designed in a way to keep the living environment cosy and lavish with covertness of solitude.

Bachelors who are looking for a happening residence could find a suiting place in this construction of the Central Park Flower Valley. Suiting their needs, housekeeping is available at hand and the culinary requirements are also available to be fulfilled in The Room.

Due to the nearness of this place from Golf Course road and IT SEZ-AOG, The Room might prove to be an ideal choice for affluent working bachelors.

6. Flamingo Floors

Building type- G+2 Residential villa/bungalow

Space info- 5099 square ft, 5599 square ft and 5775 square ft (excluding few area count)

Flamingo Floors come with the essence of being spacious and lavish. Comprising of every amenity one would need inside a luxury residence, like car parking, elevator area, private terrace, lawn space and beautiful interior.

And just like every other constituent of Central Park Flower Valley, Flamingo floors is also fully equipped with the availability of hospitality services like laundry, food and beverage, house keeping and 24×7 security arrangement.

Each front door is an independent villa. Live the privacy and let the party go on the terrace. If you feel this to be the right place for you, we could help you find it.

7. Mikasa Plots

Building type- Apartment, Duplex, Mansion

Space info- 1620 square ft to 9000 square ft

This Hollywood style residential plot could prove be the epitome of your luxurious requirement. Mikasa plot is a construction which could tend be the house of your imagination, be it duplex or mansion.

Situated inside Gurgaon’s luxury residential Township Central Park Flower Valley, Mikasa Plots provides access to all the amenities like house keeping service, security arrangement etc. Being a serene centre inside of a busy city, Mikasa could help you live some calmness after a rough day.

Near to the city of Gurugram, it is situated in the vicinity of Delhi NCR, this geography could make it easy for regular Delhi commuters.

Mikasa might prove to be definition of NCR’s lavishness.

Gurugram is a destination of luxury, find this to be true through the medium of Central Park Flower Valley.

We hope this guide could prove to be of any help in making your first real estate investment.

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What is the distance of Central Park Flower Valley from Delhi Airport?

The airport is nearly 19 KMs away, which could take 20-35 minutes for a one-way travel.

Is there a restaurant inside the Township’s premise?

Yes, there is.

Is the water in front of Aqua Front Towers, a real pond/lake?

No, the water body is artificial.

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