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The posh infra of NCR is touching new boundaries with more and more luxury commercial estates in Gurgaon, along with this, investors are searching for galas to get on lease or sale in order to share a piece of growth in the city’s economy.

Investing in real estate infra could be one of the high return investments options for the commercial ‘biggies’ in the city.

This post lists five places where you could think of investing your money for getting a suitable and reliable commercial infrastructure space along with the probable option of high investment returns.

Have a brief look through the list mentioned, and we’d be happy if it helped you in finding the space of your need and choice.

M3M Broadway

Location- Golf Course Extension Road, Sector 71, Gurgaon.

M3M Broadway is an under-construction project as of April 2021 in the land space of Gurugram. The place is being designed to engulf all sorts of high-end retail outlets, entertainment zones like cinema halls, gaming zones etc.

With 13.21 acres of space covered for this commercial estate’s development, this place plans to be capable of holding a significant quantity of commercial outlets and high return investments.

If you want to know more about M3M Broadway, you could visit this link. And if you feel interested in getting a High Return Investment Broadway, we would be glad to help you out.

2. AIPL Joy Street

Location- Badshahpur, Sector 66, Gurugram.

Joystreet is getting near to its completion stage as of April 2021. The construction of this commercial estate is being done in the local space of Gurgaon NCR, which makes it all the more interesting as a commercial investment option for high return investments.

Spread across 4 acres with G+17 floors. Space is constructed to inhabit various commercial enterprise outlets like stores, entertainment hubs, restaurants etc.

With the project coming close to its completion stage & High Return Investments it would be possible to have a personal visit to assess its commercial viability. If you are interested in having your outlet here, you may get in touch with us.

3. M3M Urbana

Location- Golf Course Extension Road, Ramgarh, Sector-67, Gurugram

M3M Urbana’s construction is completed. The place is designed to house retail outlets, offices, entertainment zones, restaurants etc.

The luxury appeal of Urbana is meant for the growing urban population of the city, which could make it a habitable zone for commercial houses as well.

Urbana comprises 3.3 acres of land space.

If you feel this to be a good investment option for your future commercial plans, have our help.

4. AIPL Joy Central

Location- Badshahpur, Sector 65, Gurugram

The project is under construction as of April 2021.

Made for retail, office and other commercial purposes. Planned with 5 levels of basement parking to provide more than sufficient parking area.

The shop sizes inside Joy Central range from 300 square feet to 2000 square feet.

People looking for entertainment are also being targeted with the inclusion of 10 screen INOX multiplex.

If you are interested to have a commercial space in Joy Central, or you know someone who might find this place suitable, feel free to contact us.

5. M3M IFC

Location- Golf Course Road, Sector 66, DLF Phase 5, Gurugram

M3M IFC Spread in the course of 4.6 acres. M3M IFC is made for the further enrichment of the urban lifestyle in Gurgaon.

Luxury is infused with the addition of an infinity swimming pool in the complex. The site is designed for the stay of retail outlets and commercial leisure zones like spa salons, gaming parlours etc.

Find the space which suits your commercial needs in IFC, for any help, we are there.

Our team specialises in providing you with the real estate space of your need & high return investments, be it residential or commercial.

We hope this guide could prove to be of any help in making your first High Return investment.

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What is scope of investment growth for commercial property investments in Gurgaon?

Given the growing urbanisation, city of Gurgaon has a huge scope to develop and grow your commercial real estate investments. Although, proper caution and study should be maintained before making any investment.

Is commercial real estate investment risk free in Gurgaon NCR?

No investments are completely risk free and guarantee returns, hence proper caution and mindfulness should be kept intact before making any decision?

Are real estate investments liquid in nature?

In a place like Gurgaon, liquidity is highly expected due to an urban ecosystem.

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