The saying “a little goes a long way” is a favorite when marketing commercial real estate, and much of it is true. There are many tasks that can and should be completed before listing and showing your home to improve the chances of commercial space for sale in Gurgaon and increase the potential return on investment. According to a study conducted by the Florida Nursery Gardeners and Growers Association, even minor landscaping changes can increase a property’s resale value by up to 14%. Even more unexpectedly, landscaping can take up to six weeks to sell a commercial property. Each suggestion is aimed at increasing the performance of your commercial property, and some are as simple as cleaning, while others require spending a few thousand dollars. Searches for best properties sale in Gurgaon can be improved using the helpful tips below.

Order a title to quickly sell your commercial property

Order your title now and call your real estate attorney. It is imperative that you complete this task immediately, as it may take 7-10 days for your title report to arrive. Find the step in commercial space for sale in Gurgaon that take the most time and complete them first to sell commercial properties fast. Not all real estate attorneys are quick to respond. The best commercial real estate companies work with attorneys who will respond quickly and give your commercial property top priority.

Up-to-date environmental assessments will help you sell your commercial property faster.

It should be updated if your environmental investigation is more than six months old. Any wealthy buyer will want to ensure they’re not buying an environmental nightmare or taking responsibility for unknown issues. Provide a current, complete and accurate environmental report to help you in commercial space for sale in Gurgaon. Exponentially increases your chances of selling a commercial property by removing the barriers of time-consuming questions and negotiations and making it easier for buyers to identify environmental risks and benefits. Delivery of these reports can take up to 21 days. The sooner you update your reports, the sooner you can close your commercial property.

Prepare profit and loss accounts and income registers.

Organize your list of rent and profit and loss statements for the past two years. Your rental listing will indicate how long each tenant’s lease will be in effect if you have tenants occupying the space. Make it easy to locate additional revenue streams such as cell towers, solar panels, and signage. Commercial space for sale in Gurgaon quickly, buyers need to quickly and accurately estimate their potential gains and losses. Buyers should perform a cost-benefit analysis of this potential purchase taking into account market conditions. Your buyer will see how the commercial property is operated annually through the costs included in the profit and loss accounts. A buyer will be motivated to close the deal faster if they recognize the potential markup sooner.

Choose cash value to quickly sell commercial real estate.

With cash value and this knowledge, you can close in 5 days. If your buyer is looking to obtain financing for the purchase, proceed with caution. Your buyer will need time to complete an appraisal, loan committee review, and submit the necessary paperwork to close the loan unless the financing is private money or bridge equity. The duration of this process can be 30-60 days. Generally, if you want to sell commercial real estate quickly, you need to find cash buyers who are willing to make offers. When your cash value is liquidated, you can do commercial space for sale in Gurgaon faster and with little litigation.

Renew your business premises

The first thing a buyer will notice about your building is its appearance. Make the exterior of your building more attractive before putting it on the market. This is what attracts people to you and increases their interest in it. Repainting your building, filling in parking spots, fixing broken windows or lights, and improving landscaping are just a few of the ways to improve your building’s curb appeal. Don’t neglect the interior, either. Strive to clean up a commercial facility before putting it up for sale, as vacant properties always sell faster.

Find out how commercial real estate is valued

The valuation process for a commercial property can be more complicated than the valuation of a residential property. The first step is the inspection, during which the appraiser examines public realm and zoning documents, collects comparable sales, and then rates the data against the property’s value. Provide the assessor with all the necessary information so they can complete the assessment quickly. 


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