It is a moment of merry and anxiety for many, whosoever is looking for or is going to invest their money for their first real estate property like a house, gala etc.

We are sharing 5 tips of Real Estate investment that we feel could help you in your first investment process:

Builder’s History

Is the builder reliable and punctual in delivering his/her projects at the promised time? This fact check could help you in keeping away from developers who could risk your money by making it stuck.

RERA Registration

The RERA Act is made to ensure the transparent and punctual working of the real estate industry. To have better chances of having your first real estate investment is safe, you must check this criterion.


This point should have been mentioned as the first point, as it is one of the biggest driving factors in any purchase.

Keeping your budget and requirement in mind, define whether the price of the property is affordable or worthy to be bought or not.

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Market comparison

Check the rate which is being offered to you in different real estate developments of similar or same aspects. This way you will learn more about quality and price competence.

Your other needs

Is this really the right time for you to buy a real estate property?

Real Estate is a liquidity intensive investment, before making any investment into it, keep your basic amenities like food, ‘current shelter’, education and minimum savings in check.

Bonus Part

Some More Suggestion in Given video below :

We hope this guide could prove to be of any help in making your first real estate investment.

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